Governor signs Condotta legislation to help small wineries, exempt law enforcement from hunter education

Gov. Jay Inslee has signed two bills into law prime-sponsored by Rep. Cary Condotta.

House Bill 1038 will allow small wineries to increase the number of locations where they may serve samples of their product or sell their own wine.

“Currently, wine tasting rooms are ‘clustered’ into a few specific areas around the state. By increasing the number of wine clusters, wineries can access more of the state and stimulate those local economies and potentially add jobs,” said Condotta, R-Wenatchee. “The large producers are able to have their products readily available in convenience and grocery stores across the state. Many of small local wineries survive by direct sales through the winery and promoting their product in tasting rooms. This expansion will allow our small wineries to increase business and be more competitive.”

The governor also signed House Bill 1944, which will exempt certain law enforcement officers from the field firearms skills portion of any hunter education course completed online.

“Law enforcement officers already go through extensive firearms training. It does not make sense to have them repeat firearms training they have already been through to obtain their hunting license,” said Condotta. “Military officers are already exempt from the requirement. It should also open up some class time, as it will save up to four to six hours of training time for those who have qualified to take the firearms training.”

Condotta got the idea for the legislation from a constituent last fall who had been through both training programs.

Both bills take effect July 22, 2017.

The Legislature is on day 23 of a 30-day special session called by the governor on April 24.


Washington State House Republican Communications