Teen from The River Academy pages in state House

Caden Eagle, a student at The River Academy in Wenatchee, served as a legislative page for the state House of Representatives during the second week of the 2017 session. He was sponsored by his 12th District Rep. Cary Condotta.

“It was great to have Caden help us out during session. It is important for students to understand how their state government works,” said Condotta, R-Wenatchee. “I hope he enjoyed his time here and will be able to return to school and tell other students about what he learned in Olympia.”

During his service, Caden experienced the Legislature firsthand and delivered messages and documents to legislators during committee meetings, to their offices, and in the House chamber. He was required to attend page school, where a certified instructor teaches students about the legislative process. Caden also took part in mock committee and floor debates.

Each year students from around the state apply to become a page. Applicants must have a legislative sponsor and be between the ages of 14 and 16. Additionally, pages are required to obtain written permission from their parents and school. Pages are paid $35 a day during their service. For more information about the House page program, visit: http://www.leg.wa.gov/House/Pages/HousePageProgram.aspx.

PHOTO CAPTION: House Page Caden Eagle with Rep. Cary Condotta.

For more information about Rep. Condotta, visit: www.representativecarycondotta.com.


Washington State House Republican Communications