Condotta participates in Community Forums Network on young adult unemployment

With young adult and teenage unemployment reaching levels not seen since World War II, a new public engagement organization has taken up the cause to seek consensus on how to fix the problem. Community Forums Network (CFN) recently asked Rep. Cary Condotta to participate in the forum.

“As a former small business owner for almost 30 years, I could see this coming. There are a number of factors that could be linked to this issue,” said Condotta, R-East Wenatchee. “Federal and state regulations make it harder for employers to hire teenagers. The minimum wage, lack of job opportunities, and a culture shift for those who want to attend school or camps during the summer — all those factors contribute to the problem, but the bottom line is fewer young adults are working and many are having a hard time finding work.”

The CFN has been working through a network of 25 nonprofit community, education and business organizations to get feedback on the growing problem. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington has the 9th highest young-adult unemployment rate in the country.

“I commend the network for digging into this issue. While government should not create jobs, we can promote private-sector job growth and help stimulate the economy,” said Condotta. “We had a number of bills last session aimed at helping employers find some certainty and stability that would have allowed them to invest in their business or hire new workers. Unfortunately, the Democratic majority was not interested in moving our legislation. There are a number of news reports and studies out there stating we have lots of room for improvement for how Washington state does business and how we treat our small employers. Many, if not most of our proposals would address those concerns.

“Lately I am hearing the economy is slowly recovering and job growth is holding steady. You tell that to the approximate 293,000 people in Washington state who are still out of work and looking for a job. We need to do whatever we can to provide them opportunities and give employers tools that would help open the door to work for young adults, or anyone else for that matter. The sooner the better,” said Condotta.

CFN had received about 1,635 surveys as of June 11. The last day to provide feedback is June 17. To view the young adult unemployment video with Condotta, Attorney General Rob McKenna, former Congressman Jay Inslee and 25th District Sen. Jim Kastama, click here.


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