Condotta: Boeing’s pick of South Carolina for 787 line is a signal to others

Legislator fears other employers looking at Washington will scuttle plans and look to other states


With today’s announcement that Boeing will locate its second Dreamliner production plant in South Carolina, instead of Washington state, Rep. Cary Condotta, lead Republican on commerce and labor issues, had this to say:

“Boeing’s decision to locate this plant in South Carolina is a major blow to Washington’s working families and the larger business community. This is a missed opportunity that puts many jobs in Washington at stake. The fact of the matter is many small- and medium-sized employers rely on Boeing and their work force to support their companies. The governor and Democrat-controlled Legislature’s apparent lack of commitment to land the second 787 production plant hurts every business sector in the state.

“While I appreciate some of the eleventh-hour overtures being made on behalf of our state, it is apparent that it was too little, too late. Many of us have been trying to address the concerns of job providers for the last several years.

“The governor has been in denial about these concerns, citing the Forbes report that Washington is one of the top places to do business. I’m a business owner though and I know firsthand the difficulties employers face in our state. It’s obvious Forbes flew over Washington and never did business on the ground here. How many more businesses have to leave, and how many more jobs do we have to lose to other states, before we get serious about substantively improving our business climate? We need aggressive leadership committed to creating and protecting jobs for Washington families.

“This decision lights the ‘no vacancy’ sign to other employers who may have been considering bringing jobs to our state. While the governor and her staff have downplayed what they consider the loss of a mere 700 jobs the production plant could have created in Washington, I think the 350,000 people currently unemployed statewide would have liked a shot at the gainful employment the plant would have offered.

“The loss of these much-needed jobs could have been avoided. An

independent report    issued to the Legislature earlier this year practically handed the governor and lawmakers the keys to keeping and recruiting jobs to our state. The report made clear workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance reforms are top issues for every employer. Sadly, the report did not prompt action by the governor and legislative leaders.

“Washington will forever be known as the state that told the aerospace industry, and every other company looking to grow their operations, to fly to better climates. For those legislators who believe our state is better off without the second production plant, I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications