Rep. Cary Condotta proposes relief from McCleary property tax increases

As homeowners across Washington brace for higher property tax bills due to changes in state education funding, Rep. Cary Condotta has introduced legislation that would provide relief.

To lessen the pain of those higher property tax bills, Condotta has introduced House Bill 2303 to reduce the property tax.

“My particular bill would take the state property tax back from 81 cents to 50 cents where it started, and would eliminate most of the tax increases that taxpayers will see due to the McCleary decision this year,” said Condotta, R-Wenatchee. “We have the money to do it. There is $2.1 billion sitting on the table down here. There’s no reason we can’t spend $330 million dollars to get rid of that tax increase.”

Condotta says a property tax reduction is a high priority for Republicans in the 2018 session. In some areas of the state, new property tax bills are expected to jump by nearly 28 percent. With deadlines and cutoffs rapidly approaching, Condotta is still trying to get a public hearing on the bill in the House Finance Committee.

“We feel strongly that with four years of record revenue increases – four years in a row – it’s time to give some back,” Condotta said.

The deadline for fiscal bills to be heard by their respective committees is Tuesday, Feb. 4.

The legislative session is scheduled to adjourn March 8.


Washington State House Republican Communications