Condotta and Steele support capital budget approved by the Legislature

Late Thursday, the House approved the long-awaited bipartisan 2017-19 capital budget. With $4.17 billion in total spending and $2.72 billion in bonds, the newly approved budget also leaves $211 million for supplemental capital budget planning in 2018.

Rep. Mike Steele, R-Chelan, who serves on the House Capital Budget Committee, helped piece together the agreement that provides funding for key infrastructure projects across the state. The lawmaker worked in coordination with Rep. Cary Condotta, R-Wenatchee, to ensure several local projects were included in the newly approved budget. Steele said the many months of intense negotiations resulted in a big win for the state and the 12th District.

“We produced a good capital budget in 2017. The real problem with dealing with the delay in approving this budget was ensuring what we fought so hard to put together did not get changed,” said Steele. “I’m happy to announce, with the exception of a few adjustments, we were able to keep our vision for state’s infrastructure priorities in place. All in all, I would certainly say the people of our district, and all of the state, are well served by this capital budget plan.”

The capital budget plan prioritizes K-12 school construction needs with $933 million allocated for the School Construction Assistance Program. These funds will help address a record number of local school bond levy needs across the state. An additional $35 million is set aside for small, rural district modernization grants, and another $860 million is included for higher education facilities. Other allocations are included for mental health community-based facilities and institutions, funding for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program, and the Public Works Assistance Account.

“This is a strong, bipartisan construction budget that addresses our state’s infrastructure needs. It invests in the Hirst legislation, education and mental health,” said Condotta. “The passage of the capital budget means the projects that have been on hold can now move forward. Given the magnitude of the Hirst fix it was well worth the wait.”

12th District projects secured in the newly approved 2017-19 capital budget plan include:

  • Twisp Civic Building – $750,000
  • City of Brewster Manganese Abatement – $752,000
  • Chelan County Emergency Operations Center – $1 million
  • Miller Street re-alignment and storm repairs – $4.82 million
  • Mid-Columbia Grand Coulee – $3 million
  • Wenatchee Valley Wells Hall replacement – $2.72 million
  • Lake Chelan State Park (moorage dock pile replacement) – $1.51 million

The 2017-19 capital budget, Senate Bill 6090, was approved 95-1, with 2 excused.
The bonds for the capital budget, House Bill 1080, was approved 94-2, with 2 excused.

The 2018 session convened on Jan. 8 and will run for 60 consecutive days.


Washington State House Republican Communications