Rep. Cary Condotta talks about ‘hero’ bills and another looming cutoff date

Rep. Cary Condotta, R-East Wenatchee, talked with KPQ about the status of pending legislation as another cutoff date looms in Olympia.  Condotta said the final big push is underway for legislators to get their projects through the House, and already many positioning bills have received the nod.  The lawmaker said he is not so sure that many of the so-called ‘hero’ bills that sailed through the democrat-controlled House will survive a visit to the Senate.

Condotta who as a member of the Appropriations Committee, keeps his eye on the bottom line, told KPQ, “We can’t keep piling on.  The revenue line is starting to flatten.” Wednesday at 5 pm is the deadline for legislation in both houses to either make it off the floor safely, or die.

The Republican from East Wenatchee also addressed questions concerning marijuana  operations statewide.  Chelan, in particular has become a hotbed of controversy and dissention as county leaders attempt to resolve how to handle growers and production facilities.  Condotta said there have been misunderstandings surrounding the manufacture of marijuana.  Many people were under the faulty assumption that pot would be handled like any other agricultural product.  But Condotta explains there are tremendous differences, relating to odors, fencing and lighting, zoning, and security.

Condotta addressed a variety of other questions from callers before returning to meet with fellow lawmakers prior to heading to the House floor for more voting.


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