Reps. Cary Condotta and Brad Hawkins update KOHO on legislative action

Reps. Cary Condotta and Brad Hawkins, both Republicans from East Wenatchee, appeared on KOHO radio to talk about activities at the statehouse as the legislative session nears the halfway point.

Condotta talked about a measure designed to reduce the tax rate on marijuana sales from 37 percent to 25 percent.  He said the goal is to bring the price of pot in line with the black market, in order to encourage the legal sale of pot and discourage the sale of marijuana on the street.

Hawkins updated listeners on his bill that would allow local jurisdictions to enact temporary fireworks bans during times of extreme fire danger, or when the governor had declared a state of emergency.  He mentioned that there has been strong pushback not only from the fireworks industry, but also from tribes around the state.  But he maintained a positive attitude as the cutoff for policy bills nears.


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