Tax break and affordable energy instrumental in creating good-paying jobs in Wenatchee, says Condotta

12th District lawmaker is pleased to see Alcoa bringing 80 full-time, high-wage jobs to the region

Rep. Cary Condotta, R-East Wenatchee, heard news today that Alcoa plans to restart an idled smelter, Wenatchee Works, that will create 80 family-wage jobs. Last year, the Legislature passed some favorable tax incentives for companies to locate in the region. Coupled with the abundance of affordable and renewable energy, the company decided to locate their high-paying jobs in the region.

According to Alcoa’s press release, restarting one potline will meet the requirements of the plant’s new 17-year contract with the Chelan County Public Utility District. Opening in November, the plant will provide enough energy for increased production of 42,000 metric tons.

“This is great news for our area, which is struggling with unemployment. These jobs are just the start of what we can do as a Legislature to begin making Washington more attractive to employers,” Condotta said. “I’ve heard a lot about how we should end tax incentives to close the state’s spending gap, but Alcoa bringing these jobs to the state is proof positive that every bit of encouragement for job creators can pay off in the end.

“This job creation comes on the heels of another successful tax program that created a sales and use tax exemption for server equipment and computer data centers in Quincy,” Condotta said. “Together, these incentives are good starts to getting our economy and people working again.”

Condotta added that Alcoa is an excellent community partner, not just an employer.

“In 2010, Wenatchee Works Alcoans contributed more than 500 hours of volunteer service in the Wenatchee Valley along with thousands of dollars in grants to local groups,” Condotta said. “We need the jobs, but we also appreciate a company that is invested in our local communities and their success.”


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