Rep. Cary Condotta’s statement on Boeing’s purchase of 787 production plant in South Carolina

Lead Republican on commerce and labor issues implores state leaders to act on necessary job retention and creation policies


“Boeing’s recent announcement is a frank reminder that the economies of other states are much more competitive than Washington. Another warning flag went up this past legislative session when an independent study on the state’s aerospace industry competitiveness with other states cited several areas of concern, most notably high unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation taxes. The report also highlighted difficult labor relations that have led to further order delays and billions of dollars in lost revenue to the company.

“Boeing is simply looking for what so many other employers need in our state: a fair business and labor climate. Instead, we have incrementally pursued the so-called ‘progressive agenda.’ One only has to look as far as California or Michigan to see the results of such policy. It has failed everywhere it has been enacted. We must quickly change course or Boeing, Yahoo and others will change theirs.

“The bottom line is our region needs to retain and create new jobs. The best way to do this is to address employers’ needs. I will continue to join my fellow House Republicans in putting forward solutions for a better Washington, and we hope the governor and her party will finally embrace them.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications